My New Rug is AH-MAZE-ING!

If you’ve ever met me you already know I am all about efficient and pretty in my home. I love for things to be easy to clean and stylish because who has the time to spend all day cleaning? Or really who would want to?  So anyway, we have hardwood floors and I love them, but I also have a little who is about to crawl any day now. Our living room rug was GROSS! Seriously between her spitting up on it and my dogs laying on it and my toddler spilling things, it was bad. I had steam cleaned it but it took a full day to dry and I felt like a sheep herder keeping kids and pets off of it. It was NOT easy to clean and despite it being stylish I had had enough.
Google is a good friend of mine. I hopped on Google during my nightly Netflix binge and started searching for child and pet friendly area rugs. At first I was leaning towards an indoor/outdoor rug. That was until an ad for ruggable popped up. You guys I heard angels sing when I set my eyes on this rug. It is a two piece rug, weird huh? It’s totally genius!


Washable Indoor/Outdoor Stain Resistant 5×7 (60″x84″) Area Rug 2pc Set (Cover and Pad) Parisa Blue

The bottom piece is a black rubber pad. It has a sort of soft velcro feel on top and non slip rubber on the bottom. The top is the “rug.” The top is what you actually see and let me tell you it is stylish and soft and so easy to set up. Just roll out the bottom pad, lay the top piece on and smooth it out a bit. Thats not even the best part….It’s machine washable! You read that right! ITS FREAKIN MACHINE WASHABLE!!!! I could have cried tears of joy when i read that.

I ordered one, I mean it sounded like a dream come true. It did not let me down, it really has been amazing! The first day I got it my littlest spit up orange sweet potato baby food on it and the next day my dog decided to eat a strawberry my toddler gave him on it. I wasn’t on the verge of ripping my hair out though. During nap time i pulled up the top piece sprayed a little stain remover, tossed it in the wash as per the directions included with the rug and before nap time was over I was laying my like new and very clean smelling rug on top of the pad. In between washes i just run my vacuum over it when vacuum my floors.
This ruggable rug has probably been one of my greatest home purchases. I plan to get one for each of my kids rooms next! I ordered my rug from Wayfair. They have a smaller selection but i liked the price better. If you go directly to there is a much larger selection.  They are also available on Amazon. How great would one of these be under a dining table? Seriously its worth every penny.

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