My KonMari Journey-Part 1

You may have heard of this book, but if not let me introduce you to “the life-changing magic of tidying up,” by Marie Kondo. This book was a #1 New York Times Best Seller.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I read this book 2 years ago but since we were in the process of packing to move from Colorado to California, I never really followed the process completely. This book was a huge eye opener especially with my never ending quest to make my every day life easier. I don’t have time to spend hours every day cleaning. I have 3 kids demanding my attention and destroying my house at the same time.

So the Konmari method actually makes a lot of sense and despite me not following the process to the “T”  which is what she recommends, I did notice a huge change in my household the first go around. I  love this book and Kondo’s straight forward approach to knocking it all out in one go and never having to do it again. She shares great personal stories that really help you understand how properly discarding can really change your life.

 This process is all about “Sparking Joy.” I love that phrase because it makes the whole process a positive journey. I normally go room to room sticking things I DON’T want to keep in a donation box and think I’m done. That is until I end up with more stuff that I just don’t want or need. The Konmari method is different! Instead  Kondo  wants you to go category by category and keep only the items that spark joy. It’s a longer process but according to Kondo if you follow the process  you won’t have to do it again.

The first step in the process is to visualize. I started by sitting and visualizing my perfect morning. Most of my days are spent at home. Our home is my domain and my workplace. Im sure I’m not alone in feeling stressed and moody when my house is in chaos. Clutter not only clutters our space but it clutters our minds and keeps us from truly being able to be in the moment. As a woman and a mom if my home is in chaos my mind weighs heavy.

So what is my perfect morning? Being able to wake up, make my bed quickly, get dressed and making my kids breakfast in a clean kitchen. Sounds simple enough right? You would think but in order to get dressed most days i need to dig through clothes that don’t fit anymore or i just don’t wear. My kitchen is never clean, the counters are always covered in old mail, crumbs and dishes. So my goal with “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” is to have my perfect morning every morning (who am I kidding? most mornings will do).

Day 1
The first category is clothing. I started with the kids clothes so i could break this step up into 2 days. I grabbed everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. I emptied the closets, drawers and plastic tubs all into the middle of the living room. Since my kids are younger they don’t really understand clothing sparking joy, nor do they really care about clothing at all. Really the youngest two would be happiest running around naked. So I went through their clothes with two things in mind, “Does it fit?” and “Will they wear it?” I am the one that dresses the two littlest so I already knew what clothing they wore most often. Discarding what didn’t fit was easy. My oldest, I let her help me when we went through her clothes. She definitely had her favorites.
Thats my keep pile on the sofa, FOR ALL 3 KIDS! The Pile on the floor is everything we are donating. Plus there was a small pile (not photographed) of items to damaged to keep or donate.

After I finished discarding the items that didn’t make it into the keep pile, I put everything away. Their closets looked cleaner and I felt so much better the next day when i went to get them dressed. Knowing that everything in there fit and were items that they wore often made things so much simpler.

Here you can see Leland and Talia’s closet. Look at all those empty hangers! The tubs on the bottom are clothes that are to big and clothes that they wore as babies that I will give them when they are older. I only kept the most important outfits (going home outfit, first holidays, handmade gift clothing). I guess technically that one bin should have been part of the Sentimental category.

Day 2
I started the process the same as the day before. I grabbed all mine and my husbands clothes and poured them into the middle of the living room. Since my husband works during the day I decided to put the clothing i planned to discard into a box and have him “ok” it before I got rid of it.
Don’t my children look thrilled?

Going through my own clothes was probably the hardest part of this first category. I had quite a few items that I loved that didn’t fit anymore. I was tempted to keep them thinking “maybe one day.” After some thought I made the decision to discard them. I realized that clothing that doesn’t fit makes me feel unhappy. I felt pressure to change my body every time I saw them. Putting them in the discard pile was almost liberating. Shopping Sparks Joy for me, so one day when I do decide to change my body ill go find a new pair of joy sparking jeans.

The pile in the middle of the floor is all that I ended up keeping for both my husband and I. Blimy decided to oversee the whole project. She’s also kind of obsessed with my husbands clothing. I think she knows he hates it when she lays on them.

I went through every piece of clothing, right down to the socks. When all was said and done my husband and i had 2 small baskets of clothing left. My closet and drawers are bare but knowing i could reach in and grab something and know ill like on is worth it! I didn’t really find it necessary to follow Kondo’s method of storing clothing since our drawers were so empty afterwards.

Here is my closet:

This was just the first step in the process and let me tell you it was a real eye opener. In the end I had 6 bags being donated. Thats just the start! Im so excited to continue this Journey and share it with you. I highly recommend picking up the book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing )and really absorbing the insight Marie Kondo shares. Be sure to Subscribe below to be alerted on future posts about my KonMari Journey, you’ll also receive a free checklist so you can start your own KonMari Journey!

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