How to Make Lounge Pants | Tutorial

This DIY tutorial on how to make pajama or lounge pants is simple and fast. Im what i like to call a lazy sewer. Im not a fan of following patterns only because a lot that i have found make things seem so complicated. I like simple and I like quick so I can feel accomplished during those short nap times.
I went to our local Joann Fabrics and as I was waiting to get fabric cut I spotted this banana fabric. Leland is obsessed with bananas so I had to pick it up.

For this project you’ll need:
1/2 yd of fabric (for baby and toddler sizes)
Elastic (I used 1/4″ because thats what i had on hand but i recommend 1/2″)
Measuring tape
scissors or a rolling blade like i have pictured
An existing pair of pants that fit your child
Sewing Machine and/or Serger
Start by folding your existing pants in half so there is a clear definition of the shape.
Lay out your fabric and fold one end over just enough to lay your folded pants on the fold.

When you cut the pants leave about 1/4″  space between existing pants edge and your cut line and 3/4″  at the top for seam allowances.
Once you get one leg cut out,  fold your fabric over again and lay the cut piece on top and cut.
Now we are ready to hem the bottom. I like to use Washaway Wonder Tape 1/4″. It holds the hem in place without pins and washes away in the washer. Lay the tape along the edge of the bottom of the pants, peel the white layer off the tape and fold down.

Run either a straight stitch or zig zag stitch along the bottom hem. I used a zig zag stitch because the fabric i used was a stretch knit. A straight stitch would work well for a cotton fabric. Repeat on the second pant leg.

Now that both legs are hemmed fold the pant leg in half face to face. Then sew up the pant leg to the crotch and stop. Do this for both legs.
You will have 2 pant legs now. Lay the 2 pieces so the crotch seams are lined up face to face. Then you will sew along the crotch line, making sure the inseams line up.
Once the crotch of the pants if sewn together you will need to fold down the top band 3/4″ and sew along the bottom leaving a 1″ gap when you get around the where you started sewing.

Take your elastic and cut it your childs waist measurement plus 1/2″. Use a safety pin attached at one end to feed the elastic through the waist band. When you reach the end pull both ends together and sew them together using a straight stitch. I like to go over it 3 times to ensure its tightly connected. Now you can close the 1″ gap.
Flip them right side out and there you have it, little pants! You could easily make little shorts too. These are great for pajamas, around the house or even play clothes. You can even get fancy and do a drawstring instead of elastic, add ruffles to the bottoms or make a separate cuff and waist band in contrasting fabrics. Have fun with it and I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial! See you later.

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