How to make a simple full circle skirt | tutorial

This simple tutorial will show you how i make a simple full circle skirt.

School Starts this week for my oldest and we of course started the month with back to school shopping. One thing my daughter loves is skirts. She would wear a skirt every single day of her life, rain or shine. Amélie is pretty tall for her age and we have a hard time finding skirts that are long enough for her that still fit in the waist. I decided to make her this simple circle skirt so I could customize the length.

This skirt is so easy you will be able to crank out a whole set in no time! Lets get started:

You’ll need:
1 yd of fabric for toddler and child sizes (a simple cotton fabric is what i used but you could get creative and use any fabric you like)
2″ Wide Elastic
Measuring Tape
Fabric marker or chalk
Sewing Machine
serger (optional)
Iron (optional)

I buy my materials from all different places. This fabric and elastic in this tutorial, I purchased from Walmart. Amazon is great for fun waistband elastic as well.

First lets get measurements. Measure the waist and length (waist to knee). My daughter was 24x 13.

Measure out your waist measurement on the elastic and add 1 inch, then cut. I like to surge the cut ends of my elastic but this is optional.

Fold your elastic in half cut ends together. Sew them  together using a straight stitch 1/4″ over from the end.

Take your sewn together end pieces and open the ends like butterfly wings (as seen in the photos below). Sew each side down using a straight stitch.

 Now lets cut out that skirt!

Take your fabric and fold it in half selvage to selvage (manufacturers edges). Fold again Cut end to cut end (the ends cut at the fabric counter).

We are now going to measure down from the corner with the folds. This takes a little math but I’ve simplified it so its easy to follow.

To figure out how far down to cut take your waist measurement and add 2″ (24+2=26″) then take your answer and divide it by 6.28. This number may look random but its actually 2 x 3.14pi.  So 26÷6.28= 4.14. You can round up if you don’t mind the skirt gathering a little more.

(Waist measurement +2) ÷ 6.28 = Your measurement to cut the waist hole

Now I measure down 4″ from the top, center and side to create a curve (as shown below).

Now that you have the top circle marked take your length measurement + 1 inch for hemming and measure down from your waist curve to create a second curve.

When you have both curves marked its time to cut. Cut along your curved lines and when you open your fabric you’ll have a donut shape.

I like to hem before I add the elastic waist. In the interest of keeping this super simple I used my serger to create a rolled hem using matching thread. If you do not have a serger you can do a double fold hem. The easiest way to do this especially on cotton fabric is to use an Iron. Fold 1/4″ and iron, do this all the way around and then fold again and Iron. Then just use a straight stitch to stitch around the bottom to hold the hem in place.

Below are my settings on my serger for a rolled hem.

We are almost done guys!

Lets add that elastic waist. Fold your skirt in half and pin the elastic face to face (the 2 sides you want visible will be facing each other) with the ends of the waist hole.

Fold in half the other direction so the pins meet in the middle and pin the other two folded sides (face to face) with the elastic. Now you have 4 equally spaced pins.

I used my serger and the 4 thread overlock stitch to attach the elastic to the skirt but a zig zag stitch will work as well. Serge or Sew along the top where the edge of the elastic and waist hole meet.

Once your elastic is attached you are done!

My daughter LOVES these skirts.

I love how simple they are and how inexpensive they can be. If you want to get fancy you can add lace or a ruffle along the bottom. Maybe add a couple layers of tulle underneath or over the top. You can customize it anyway you like! Id love to see what you do with this tutorial, find me on instagram (tarynaveryphoto) and tag me when you make your Simple Full Circle Skirt. Enjoy and see you later!

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