Create a Sewing Space on a Budget

One of my favorite things in my home is my sewing space. My family moved from Colorado Springs to California in October 2016. We went from nearly 2000 square feet to just over 1200 square feet and we added another kid. Call us crazy if you will but being close to family and friends was worth it! So as I was settling us into our new home I knew I needed to create a space for me to use for creating.

I run an Etsy shop (you can find it here), where I sell handmade items for babies, kids and maternity.  We had a table in our living room that wasn’t really being used for anything except mail and toys. I can not stand having useless space. If I have to clean something its going to have a purpose. So I set up my sewing machine, pulled up a chair and BAM I had a sewing space. Thats not the end of it though…

After a couple months I realized my sewing space was just not a productive space. It would end up cluttered in sewing tools and projects. This inspired a trip to IKEA, boy do I love me some IKEA. When I’m determined I get brave, I loaded up all 3 of my kids and braved going to IKEA. I only got injured once when Leland head butted my collar bone but I’m going to call the trip a success anyway. This was my IKEA score:
My shelves are made of these Ekby Stodis brackets that I spray painted gold. The shelf is the Ekby Osten Shelf. I got plastic tubs and jars from the Dollar Tree. Everything together was under $30.

I found this little wooden thread holder at walmart in their craft section. Perfect for keeping my thread from turning into a big ball of mess. The Glass head jar is something I’ve had around the house for years. It was originally from Pier 1 Imports.

After a couple weeks my beautiful antique table started coming apart. The weight and the movement of my serger was just to much for the old table. I decided it was time to move it to the garage until I can get it refurbished. No antique table meant I needed to find a new desk to put in its place. I was on a tight budget and happened to find a desk on Walmart’s website.  The exact desk I ordered is no longer available but this desk is the same size as mine and is the same style. Not bad for under $50!

I have larger items that obviously don’t fit on my shelves or desk. I store my fabric and patterns in my closet. I bet your thinking “I don’t have room in my closet!” Subscribe to my blog because I have started the process of discarding as per the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” By Marie Kondo. Ill be blogging about my experience and how Ive created so much space in my home for what really matters. I have all my large craft items neatly stored in my closet for easy access.

I think its important for all moms to have a little time to do something they love, for me thats creating. Take that time, its good for you and its good for your kids. My oldest has expressed an interest in sewing and I think its a great skill for her to learn. Creating a functional space doesn’t have to break the bank and it doesn’t have to take up a ton of space. Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe to be alerted to new posts. See you soon!


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