5 Tips to Cut Down on Morning Chaos and Improve Your Day

If your house is anything like mine its total chaos in the mornings. Diapers are flying, cereal is spilling, sippy cups are being demanded and dogs are pee pee dancing at the door. Its a lot to wake up to and being mom we have to be on our game from the moment that first kid yells “mom!” in the morning.

On one of these normal days when i was about to pull my hair out i looked at the clock and realized it was 1:30pm. All my kids had been dressed, fed breakfast AND lunch and my littlests were down for afternoon naps. I however looked like I had slept all night in a dumpster. I hadn’t eaten anything, I did manage to down a pepsi (gotta have that caffeine!). I sat down and honestly was kind of angry, more like hangry but still. I needed to come up with a way to take care of myself a little in the morning so I wouldn’t feel so frazzled and done before 2pm.

So here are some things I did to improve my mornings and cut down on the crazy:

1. Do some prep the night before. Its hard at the end of the day to make yourself get off the sofa and do anything else in that kitchen. Trust me spending 5 -10 minutes in the kitchen before your nightly Netflix binge will save you from some chaos in the morning. Fill sippy cups and throw them in the fridge, finish loading the dishwasher and turn it on, wipe down counters and put a serving size of cereal in a zip lock, or even tupperware (they can eat right out of the tupperware). In the morning before any tantrums can be thrown because moms not moving at hyper speed you’ve got breakfast on the table!

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2. Make your bed! Im not talking full on Hotel fancy pants make your bed. Simply pull up the sheets smooth them out a bit and throw that pretty comforter that ends up  on the floor over the top,  toss the pillows at the head of the bed an viola! Its amazing how having your bed looking clean can help things feel a little less crazy. This step takes me just 2-5 minutes in the morning, but seeing that pretty comforter spread across my bed makes me smile every time I walk by.

3. Spend 10 minutes on YOU! This sounds simple and easy but I have 3 kids so I totally get you when you think “uh yeah right lady!” Seriously though do it! Take the baby into the bathroom with you, let your toddler wash their hands a million times basically anything to occupy them while you spend a little time making yourself feel human. I wash my face (This stuff is amazing!!), brush my teeth, brush my hair, apply a tiny bit of makeup and usually throw my hair into a braid. All of that takes me 10 minutes or less. You can do this ladies!


This look took me 8 minutes and I feel good about myself.

4. Throw a load of laundry in. My washer and dryer are between my bedroom and bathroom. So in the morning after I have made my bed and I’m walking to the bathroom to spend my 10 minutes making myself presentable to the world, I grab a pile of clothes and throw them in the wash. Do this every morning or even every other morning and you will stay caught up with laundry. I usually sit and fold during my nightly Netflix binge or If my kids are playing nicely and I don’t have to referee ill fold during the afternoon.

5. Make a list. I do this everyday! I totally understand what its like to have 50 million things on your mind and at the end of the day remembering that you forgot to make that phone call, or forgot to pay that bill is frustrating. Make a list and get it all out of your head, your gonna need that free space later trust me. I write EVERYTHING on my list. I usually divide it up too into things that NEED to get done and things id LIKE to get done. Setting up that doctors appointment for the kid or needing to go to the store because you’re on your last diaper, those are needs. cleaning out the fridge and vacuuming the rugs are usually things id like to get done if I have time that day. If i don’t get to them I just add to my list the next day until I’m able to get to it, or my husband has helped me tackle my list on his day off. Team work right!

My list is short in the morning but i usually add onto it as things come to mind.

Its hard being a mom and running a household. It can be so easy to neglect yourself to care for everyone else. I know because all to often I fall into that cycle again and again. This list is of just a few things I do to try and make my day run smoother. Some days these things just aren’t possible (like when a teething baby keeps you up all night) and don’t put pressure on yourself on those days. Take a break that day because you can always get back on track the next day. I hope this list helps you and Id love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.

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