Tips On Keeping A Clean Kitchen

So last week I walked into my kitchen and thought ” How the heck do families keep their kitchens clean?” Im not even expecting spotless but it would be nice to not have the sink overflowing with dishes and the counters covered in cups and silverware. So I asked my Facebook and Instagram followers their tips for keeping their kitchens clean. I got some pretty good ideas and set out on google for more. After a few hours of reading different lists of ways to keep your kitchen clean I started my own.

This is what my kitchen usually looks like.

I Put together a list using ideas from friends, family and other lists i found. These are things that I found most helpful and I hope you will too.

  1. Unload the dishwasher in the morning and turn it on at night. This is so helpful because if the dishwasher is empty you can load it throughout the day thus keeping your sink empty as well! As you’re cooking a meal put the dishes is as you go. when you’re done cooking you won’t have a huge mess afterwards.
  2. keep 1 cup per family member out per day. That is the cup they use all day. This cuts down on dishes and counter clutter.
  3. Keep a cloth, wipes or sponge next to the sink and ready to go. This has been super helpful for me. I can easily wipe down my counters after prepping each meal. I can also grab the cloth and wipe down the cabinets or stove really quickly.
  4. This tip ties into tip 3. wipe something down every time you’re in the room. Going into the kitchen to grab a drink? wipe down the microwave door real quick. Do this every time and you will cup back on how often you need to deep clean.
  5. Keep a swifter or broom out for easy access. I loved this tip because Talia is crawling and I try hard to keep the floors clean for her. Keeping our swifter out I can do a once over in just second and keep the floor nice and clean. Sometimes I will spray a mix of Pine Sol and water and stiffer over that. I love the lavender scented Pine Sol.
  6. Make sure garbage cans and recycle bins are large enough. This is a huge problem for us. We don’t have a recycle bin yet so our recycling sits on our counter or the floor by the garbage can. It looks terrible and gets scattered around by the kids. Im actually going to order a new garbage can recycle bin combo.
  7. KonMari to clear clutter. The KonMari method has worked so well throughout our house and I’m looking forward to seeing what good it can do in our kitchen. If you haven’t read my other posts be sure to check them out.
  8. This tip is something that works for me but might not be necessary for others. Our kitchen is centrally located and unfortunately i can’t put up baby gates to keep kids out. I like to keep a basket handy that i can scoop my sons toys into. He likes to line them up along the counters and leave them on the floor. This way i can scoop them into the basket and dump them back into his toy box.
  9. Recruit help! My husband on his day off always does the dishes for me. He knows I hate them and tries to help out when he can. My oldest  loves to swifter the floor and my middle if I give him a cloth and a spray bottle of water all my lower cabinets will be clean. Get help where you can.
  10. Pick one big project a month. If you do one big thing like cleaning out the fridge, or the oven or microwave once a month it will be so much easier to up keep it.

After only a week of executing a lot of the tips my kitchen has been noticeably cleaner.  I noticed also that my family is less likely to make a mess when the kitchen is clean. Its nice not walking in and wanting to put my hair out. Try some of these tips and let me know how they work for you! Use #bydesignblog on instagram to show off your tidy kitchen!

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